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Making hardware is hard.

Developer tools, manufacturers, component suppliers, distributors, retailers.

How does everyone reliably get paid?

Today - It's a clunky system based on paper money, lawyers and accountants, and serves only equity holders in companies.We believe modcoin will change this. Modcoin's smart contracts ensures everyone gets paid automatically and instantly, governed by immutable smart contracts, and opening new business models for the hardware devices ecosystem.Modcoin is about decentralized hardware creation. Distributed teams get rewarded based on actual contribution.Imagine, a community coming together, building the hardware for the future, with no companies and lawyers involved.


Develop and go with our devtools

Smart Contracts

Reward anyone you want through smart contracts! Team members, the manufacturer, sellers, investors

Easy Payments

Royalties paid automatically through smart contracts

Raise funds

Raise your own modcoin from investors to help with your project, or apply to the modcoin accelerator for a rocket start

“By 2020, there will be over 10 million makers…”

Internet of Things Technology Market is forecast to reach $639.74 billion by 2022 from $176.00 billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 25.1% during (2017-2022) driven by the growing penetration of Internet connectivity, the increasing adoption of cloud platforms, increased IP address space with the introduction of IPv6 and large investments by the industry giants in IoT to introduce new IoT-based products.

Hardware is still hard…

“… 70% will be just hobbyists, and never commercialize their creation”

Existing platforms are great to learn the basics of electronics, or build something that works in your lab, or at your home. Often they are used as proof of concept platforms before launching into a much deeper and costly engineering project, rarely using the work developed on the original platform.


Adafruit HUZZAH

Raspberry Pi

Particle Photon

Arduino and Raspberry Pi are used by project developers worldwide in fields such as electronics, the automotive industry, robotics, 3D printing and that known as the Internet of Things, a business that could reach a volume of 25 billion euros by 2020

They are great for prototypes but how about…

This is what makes hardware projects so much harder than creating an app. The need to physically build things, at scale, costly iterations, means you need a lot more care in planning and execution, to ensure minimise time and money lost whilst turning your prototype into a commercial and reliable product. .

Let alone create companies and run a team of people…

This means, unlike creating an app, you often MUST create a company to mobilise the required team and resources to make even the mostly simplest hardware product.

Moduware has solution

Standardized hardware

The phone is amazing. It’s great for apps. Taking photos. And making calls. More and more smart devices work hand-in-hand with the phone. It makes sense, as it’s a battery powered, internet connected, super computer square in everyone’s pocket. Moduware standardizes the hardware on the smart device side, and leverages the existing smartphone technology that everyone already uses.


Development platforms

Out tools allow developers to fast track development of smart devices. They can focus on the streamlined electronic design with one of our developer modules that expose the most common hardware interfaces with open source libraries.Or they can focus on the app development side, with our web tile development kit with inbuilt support for talking to moduware devices, or SDK if you want to create a native iOS or Android app that also needs to work with a moduware device. Or they can do both!


Easy hardware to phone app integrations

Open platform

Support major processorsn

Support major processors

Digital currency

Modcoin optimizes currency transfer in a high digital ecosystem. Products are bought, sold, invested into all with modcoin, streamlining and often bypassing the cumbersome process of creating hardware with dollars today!

The Modcoin ecosystem snapshot

Modcoin is the token for the maker community and lovers of smart devices.

Modcoin is a fully transactional token that provides a friction-less disbursements of payments to module creators, their investors, team members, service providers such as manufacturers) all in an immutable smart contract published on the Ethereum block chain.

Modcoin makes low cost smart devices work. Fractionizing payments in a cost effective way, to ensure everyone involved in creating the module, is transparently and securely rewarded.

The Modcoin ecosystem snapshot

The Modcoin economy


  • Earn Modcoin for selling your module, with payment disbursement governed by smart contract to team members, investors, supply chain business
  • Buy manufacturing credits to build inventory
  • Buy Design credits for design house hours to help with your project
  • Purchase retail shelf space to promote your product in-store
  • Purchase advertising globally promote on the Moduware platform
  • Raise modcoin from the community of micro-investors to fund your project

Community and micro-Investors

    • Invest your Modcoin in developer’s who need some assistance to get started, and reap the future benefits
    • Invest your Modcoin in manufacturers to earn a commission on Moduware products made by them
    • Invest your Modcoin in retailers to earn a commission on Moduware product sold by them
Earn Modcoins by supporting the community/forum


  • Accelerator invests in high potential projects
  • Invest in platform build out
  • Brings in more Maker supply chain businesses to the economy
  • Earn Modcoin from royalties from developer product sales


  • Buy modpack, modcase and modules
  • Buy tiles and apps that work with moduware

Supply chain, Retail

  • Earn modcoin for margin services
  • Raise Modcoin to grow your business

Product development/Engineering

  • Earn Modcoin for design work for Makers
  • Raise Modcoin to grow business

We expect to have a thriving economy centered around smart devices

We have a pipeline of developers already making on the platform. These were developed last year and are available to purchase now, with the walkie talkie by fantom by mid 2018.

Developed by community in 2017

Laser Distance

Developed by Mileseey

Using tiny optics and a high-quality laser pointer, plugging this in and your phone instantly replaces expensive distance measuring devices. The tile also allows you to calculate area and volume through a simple wizard interface.


Walkie Talkie Radio

Developed by Fantom Dynamics

Fantom Dynamics have developed a fun and useful walkie talkie module for the outdoor adventure market. By leveraging the power and simplicity of the moduware platform Fantom Dynamics have been able to build this in months rather than years.



Developed by Paternoster

Paternoster have worked closely with us to bring their high fidelity audio to a miniaturised form factor. Despite it’s small footprint and low power consumption the speaker sounds fantastic, with rich vibrant tones and incredible range.